• Part 4: Research and Reflection (Optional)

    0 Lessons in

    This part of the curriculum encourages the candidate to expand his knowledge and understanding of the Craft and to go into more depth on a topic which particularly interests him.

  • Part 3: Constitution and Laws

    1 Lessons in

    Review and study the Constitution and Laws of the Grand Lodge of New Jersey, and once again, his knowledge will be tested through a multiple- choice exam.

  • Part 2: Masonic Protocol

    1 Lessons in

    After a careful study of the “Perfect Ashlar”, the candidate will be quizzed on our Grand Jurisdiction’s Masonic Protocol.

  • Part 1: Symbolic Masonry

    3 Lessons in

    This section will focus on the ritual and symbolism of the three symbolic degrees, whereby the candidate will test his knowledge by sitting for three multiple choice exams, one per degree.